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You are a field agent of an elite Digital Crimes Unit. 

Everything is routine ... until one day, you receive an email from an old friend who challenges you to try out your skills.

Your task is to investigate a web-server.

There are 3 flags to find.

You have 8 hours and only one attempt to solve this. 

There is no pause!

This is the SECOND of a TWO part qualifier for the Santander 2019 F2F competition.

You are Winston Firewater, a field agent of an elite Digital Crimes Unit. Everything is routine ... until one day, you are tasked with investigating 2 objects: a corrupt flash drive and a pcap (packet capture) file. Finding the secrets within those 2 objects is crucial to an ongoing investigation.

Welcome to Clearswift's The Enemy Within Challenge.

With an explosion of data breaches in recent years, the protection of sensitive data has become a hot topic and top priority for organisations. Whilst malicious external threats remain, organisations now must address the threats that reside much closer to home, whether through policy gaps, broken processes, employee error or indeed employee ill intent.

The aim of this challenge is to identify the means by which an insider may accidentally or maliciously leak organisational secrets via seemingly innocent files.

The challenge takes the form of a quiz. With each question you will be provided with a file, it is your job to locate the sensitive data that has been hidden within it.

Please read the instructions before beginning the quiz and good luck!

Disclaimer: All data used within this game is fictitious.

This game will test your secure coding knowledge.  You are given 3 different samples of code and have to identify the vulnerabilities, along with how they are mitigated. 

Game summary - this is an explanation of what the game entails.