Medium difficulty challenges.

This game will test your ability to forensically analyse data and provide answers to a set of questions.

Game summary - this is an explanation of what the game entails.

The game is in two halves - a network trace in pcap format and a VM running multiple services.  You task is to find various clues and flags using information found in both parts of the game to locate the 6 missing prototype vehicles designed by Zed-Tech Systems which were stolen from their R&D Labs in a series of coordinated High Tech raids.

A UK chip design company has been infiltrated, the person-of-interest has absconded leaving only one clue behind.

What can you discover ?

This challenge will test your ability to search to a large amount of traffic as well as notice minor differences.

This game is designed to test peoples ability to find specific information hidden in large amounts of traffic and understand the message in the mango's.

This challenge will test your knowledge on forensics and social media.

 We have been trying to track down an individual's movements for some time who has been guilty of crimes against the whitehatters academy. The suspect is a prolific gamer and we believe them to be a heavy user of social media. We know they enjoy to be challenged and to challenge.

 We managed to set up a meeting at a well known coffee outlet as part of a sting operation, however we suspect they were on to us. When we arrived for the meet the POI was no longer there but on one table was the following image that we believe was left by the suspect.

We need your help to analyse the image to ascertain if this is indeed a piece of evidence and if so to help us gather any other information on the individual that can be found.

Using Forensic analysis and some Internet-based research, including maps, to track a person of interest across England.

Some simple encryption is used, there are online tools available to help with most of the decrypts.

The final three questions are a 'master' challenge, requiring some programming ability to solve.

As the new, junior member to the forensics team you have been asked to confirm a senior team members work. She has left you a series of questions and asked you to verify her findings. As part of your OJT it has been decided that the methodology of the initial search is omitted. Instead you will have to use your own knowledge along with any research you deem necessary. The Senior Analyst has also asked that you answer some forensic based questions which are not directly related to the case at hand. All of these answers will be used as the practical part of your evaluation period.

Welcome to CSC POD Stegasaurus challenge.

MEDIUM-HARD difficulty