Medium difficulty challenges.

Game summary - this is an explanation of what the game entails.

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Think you’re a good shot?

Connect to our server and see if you can help sort out our zombie problem! To connect you will need to enter "nc 8888" as the command line in telnet. If you are unfamiliar with Telnet for Windows or MacOSX see and Asa you play the (timed) game you will also need to answer the questions so open the Test at the same time.

Welcome to the Vulnerable Code challenge.

This challenge relies on your being confident reading C source code.  You will probably want to be able to compile and run the code to test your theories and answer all of the questions correctly .

We recommend that you use an x86 Linux VM with 32-bit support.  Tested on Kali/Debian 64-bit with 32-bit libraries and gcc running under VMware workstation.

The challenge is timed, but the timer does not start until you begin the quiz.  You can download the challenge zip file and compile and run a test C program before starting the quiz.    The test.c file also contains more detailed hints and tips.

You will be given the password to unlock the main C source files once you begin the timed quiz.