Easy difficulty challenges.

There is a VMware VM to download.  You can run it on VMware Player or Workstation.  Tested on v12.

After booting the VM will repeatedly announce its IP address to the console.

There are TCP services to exploit on ports 12121, 12222, 12323, 12424, 12525 and 12626

Some of them can be solved by typing.  Most will need you to write socket client programs.  We recommend using Python and pwntools.  You can of course use any language with which you are familiar.

A flag in the format xmas{...} can be obtained from each of the challenge services.  Once you think you have obtained all the flags you can, start the quiz.  You will then have 72 hours to follow any hints provided in the quiz and perhaps obtain more flags than you thought possible.

!! Seasons Greetings from POD-land !!