Easy difficulty challenges.

We're looking to see how much you can discover on some small webservers.

Flagday Associates are trying to increase the skills of their junior web developers, which will cause us problems in the future.  We want you to get in front of them... to outsmart their newest recruits!

We're looking for people ready to learn, who don't quit when there's a barrier in the way. Keep digging, try random things when you're stuck, take a break and go for a walk, THEN COME BACK to the problem and push a little bit further !

You need to be able to setup VMware Player if you don't already have it - this will enable you to play many more cyber-games, and setting it up is a valuable and useful experience in itself.

You might have advanced skills, and want to dig around deeply inside the game code. This is _not required_ for this challenge and is NOT what we are looking for here. Although, if you do like those types of games, perhaps try playing the more advanced coding and forensics challenges later.